Liquid Death Adds Another Flavor!

The good people of Liquid Death Mountain Water, our friends in the aluminum cans, have given us a chance to taste their brand new flavored sparkling water. You might have seen our prior discussion of their flavored water before Here, or their new teas Here.

While in the past they had three flavors (Mango Chainsaw, Berry It Alive, and Severed Lime) and three teas (Grim Leafer, Armless Palmer, and Rest in Peaches), they now bring Convicted Melon, a flavor that specializes in a watermelon style with a bit of paprika and other spices to simulate street cart fruit.

As for the taste? It’s interesting, but it really depends on if you like watermelon or ever by street fruit.

If you want to pick up a case of your own you can do so Here!

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