Liquid Death Partners With The Deep Once More

    Due to his decisions including giving cigarettes to children, Liquid Death has removed The Deep from his position.
    Statement From Liquid Death
    “After we fired The Deep from his role as Chief Sustainability Associate at Liquid Death for burning plastic trash, he wanted to make things right and approached our team to help with something he knows a lot about, health. However, we had no idea he’d go this far. Although we’re very serious about the dangers of too much sugar in soda, we do not condone his methods of handing out cigarettes to kids or smoking in an enclosed classroom with children present. So once again, we’ve decided to fire The Deep, effective immediately, as our Health & Wellness Ambassador. We will never be working with him again.”

With The Boys returning soon on Amazon Prime Video, it was only perfect that Liquid Death would connect with Vought International for the purposes of getting their message across regarding the importance to protect our children and loved ones from the massive number of sugars in sodas.

With that in mind, who better to champion the cause then former Seven member The Deep, as Liquid Death’s newest position, “Health & Wellness Ambassador”.

As we all know, due to his past issues, The Deep was more than willing to join a worthy cause to correct his public image, and his recent book tour and transformation has positioned him in the right place to help children and families transition to healthier options in the form of sugary beverages.

As part of the #DeathToPlastic initiative, Liquid Death donates 10% of proceeds to charitable causes and nonprofits that are providing safe drinking water to communities around the world where it is not immediately available and cleaning up plastic garbage out of the ocean.

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