Martha Stewart x Liquid Death Candle

When it comes to Halloween, Liquid Death does not fool around. They’ve infused their water with Demons and in the past has even cursed it.

This time they’ve taken their plans to a whole new level! Now they are partnering with the OG of design and decor, a downright felon with more street cred then her friend Snoop Dog.

They’ve partnered to create a unique candle shaped not only like the Liquid Death Mountain Water can, but in black with a severed hand holding onto the can. It’s called “Dismembered Moments” Luxury Candle. It’s unscented and incredibly realistic, if not for it’s jet black coloring.

If you’d like to purchase your own, it’s possible for the price of $58.00 on Martha’s own site Here!

This is a limited edition item and when they are sold out, they are gone. Much like your thirst after Liquid Death murders it.

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