Reuzel x Liquid Death Severed Head Pomade

Liquid Death is all about the severed heads, see our prior article about their Severed Head NFT project Here. With their love of severed heads, it makes sense that they would want those severed heads to look good. With that in mind they have partnered with a hair pomade company, and have included at lease a drop of their own water in the pomade to make sure it has the rock star energy that Liquid Death is well known for.

Their Reuzel x Liquid Death Severed Head Pomade has a signature hold that is strong with clay texture and a matte finish.

Why did Liquid Death partner with Reuzel? It’s due to the fact that Reuzel is a world-famous hair brand that formed in the Schorem Barbershop in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Purchase your own Pomade from Reuzel and Liquid Death Here!

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