Drop’s Rohan Themed Lord Of The Ring Keyboard Rides In!

Drop makes premium mechanical keyboards, and we’ve been obsessed with their awesome designs for quite some time. This isn’t the first time though that they’ve worked with the people behind the license for Lord of the Rings, see our article for their first officially licensed Dwarvish and Elvish keyboards Here and unboxing Here.

Now Middle-earth Enterprises has return again and again with specialty options like Black Speech, Ring Wraith editions, and what could they possibly showcase next?

Their fifth model in Drop + The Lord of the Rings keyboards collaboration has officially dropped and is themed after Rohan from the classic series.

Same as the previous models, this keyboard is exceptional high-quality. Keeping the MT3 Lord of the Rings themed keycaps, Holy Panda X Switches, and Drop Phantom Stabilizers. The keyboard also comes features an aluminum case with custom artwork. More importantly though it’s available in two tones, Aldburg a dark green hue, and Edoras a more dark earthy tone.

These are available now, and you can order your own Rohan themed Lord of the Rings keyboard from Drop Here for $149! Hurry quick though before it goes back up to $199.

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