Movies and Videos On Demand For The Week Of September 22, 2023

Barber – Releasing in Theaters and Streaming
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – (None Available Yet)

A wealthy woman hires a private investigator, played by Aidan Gillen, to find her missing granddaughter. However, when he delved into the girl, he finds secrets that puts him at odds with people who want to stop him from finding her.

A very noir and dark story with a British style to it. If you are a fan of trillers, then this will be an interesting journey to the truth for you.

Expendables 4 – Releasing in Theaters
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – (None Available Yet)

When things get dangerous, the team of Expendables, older action stars like Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone, must team up with newer mercenaries, played by 50 Cent, Megan Fox, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Jacob Scipio, and Levy Tran. However, the styles of old with new can be a bit… Bloody.

Let’s be honest, four movies in… you are just paying to see non-stop action. Come for the show, it’s not for the story.

It Lives Within – Releasing in Limited Theaters
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – 83%

Sam, played by Megan Suri, has assimilated well into American culture until in a fit of anger, she smashes her estranged friend glass jar due to superstitions. Unknown to Sam though, the jar held a demonic force, and once released it takes her friend away. As Sam hunts down how to save her estranged friend, the demon sets its sights on her and starts taking things from her to hold her off.

An interesting take on assimilation into another culture, and the harm in avoiding or ostracizing those that hold onto their superstitions. Either way, it creates a unique and new way to present a horror film, and new voices in an oversaturated marketplace.

The Origin Of Evil – Releasing in Limited Theaters
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – (None Available Yet)

When Stephane, played by Laure Calamy, contacts her estranged father claiming to be his abandoned daughter, his current family and estate are hesitant to believe. None the less, Stephane heads to his mansion by the sea to get to know him better, but what secrets does she hide, and are her motivations pure.

This is a deceptively interesting thriller with elements of mystery to it. If you like trying to figure out motivations, and hidden facts within films, then you might find this French film to be very engaging!

Relax I’m From The Future – Releasing in Limited Theaters
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – 90%

Based on the short film of the same name, Casper, played by Rhys Darby, is a time traveler stuck in the past, also known as present day. His new friends start to take advantage of his future knowledge until another Time Traveler arrives to stop them.

I love Rhys Darby, always have. Loved him when he was in Flight of the Concords, love him now in Our Flag Means Death. This is just one more project with him in it, and I will gladly and eagerly watch it!

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