Nerd News Social Sits Down With Aubrey Joseph & Olivia Holt from “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger”

We finish up our San Diego Comic-Con Cloak & Dagger interviews with the best of them all. The last interview we took was with Aubrey Joseph & Olivia Holt, who play Tyrone Johnson & Tandy Bowen respectfully. Look to see what details we were able to pry from them!

Question: Congrats on season 2.

Olivia Holt (Tandy Bowen): Thank you!

Question: I mean we were expecting it, but it’s nice to informed.

Olivia: Yeah we received the confirmed pick up.

Aubrey Joseph (Tyrone Johnson): … and to experience it with the fans was crazy.

Question: So you guys didn’t know before it was official?

Aubrey: I haven’t slept since, I’ve been thinking about it every night.

Oliva: Since we wrapped.

Question: Do you guys have to go back to college if this doesn’t work out?

Aubrey: Oh my god, I don’t even want to think about that.

Question: You mean you love school?

Aubrey: Of course!

Question: Can we talk about Tyrone’s relationship with O’Reilly? It seems so unlikely that he would form this trust with a cop, given his background.

Aubrey: Tyrone is big on trust. If you show him, that he can trust you, then I think it’s pretty easy to connect with him. I think just the fact that he has O’Reilly, is just great for him. The only other adult figure that he can talk to is Father Delgado, and he has kind of turned away from him, and is trying to think for himself. So, just to have O’Reilly there, and to actually have a relationship with a cop, it shows that obviously not all cops are bad, but there is a reality to it. Specifically with what is happening in our society.

Question: You guys are handling some big issues. Discrimination, privilege, and environmental issues. How do you guys feel as actors, is there a weight to put them on screen, on top of being a superhero drama?

Olivia: I agree, it’s important for us to talk about those things. This is what people are watching. They are going to soak in what ever their eyes are laying on. Its important for us to educate people on what is happening in society. Whether that be an environmental issue, or a cultural issue, we focus on a lot of those things. Yes they are very heavy topics to talk about, that’s why we have to talk about it. For us it’s just very important to open that door up, start that dialog, have a conversation and fix the problem. The only way we are going to do that is by talking about it. We don’t want to do that in a preachy way, or be in your face, but we want to do it in a way that’s organic, and transparent. I think that just by watching the things that Tandy and Tyrone go through, we don’t have to say much. It’s a lot in the action. I live for the Cloak and Dagger montages. It’s what I’m obsessed with in our show. I think a lot of those montages showcase what it’s like to be them.

Question: Obviously a big part of the story is for Cloak and Dagger to be together, like in the comic. These past couple episodes have been you guys together. Whats next for these characters in the future while outside characters try to pull them apart?

Aubrey: I think for Tyrone, I was saying this earlier, it’s that feeling when you have a thing you always wanted, you finally get it, and you think “Dang, what’s next?” I feel like Tyrone is realizing that he has these powers for a reason, and he is all about justice. He feels that he needs to serve justice. So… “Tandy, I’ll see you in a little bit, but I have to handle this.”

Oliva: I think the whole point is that we are going through our own journeys, but something… the world keeps pushing us together, and pulling them apart. We are trying to deal with our own issues, justice for Tyrone’s brother, justice for Tandy’s dad, and I think everything keeps leading them back together. With Liam coming back into the picture, and him with Adina. We understand that everyone wants them to be together, but when I watch a show I want to be able to respect and appreciate a character as an individual, and see a friendship form. They don’t have any friends. Sure, Tyrone has Adina, and they are trying to figure themselves out. Tandy has Liam and they are trying to figure their things out, but they have never truly had someone that they could trust or rely on, or who has gone through similar things that they had. The fact that they have that relationship, and they are forming that bond, a platonic bond, before romantic, is special and unique. I think seeing that form has been really amazing.

The only thing left to do now, is await the release date for the new season. Keep tuned to us and we will let you know as soon as it is released!

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