Nerd News Social Sits Down With Emma Lahana from “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger”

How did you guys like the Season finale of Cloak & Dagger? Do you wish there was more Cloak & Dagger? To hold you over until the new episodes early next year, check out our interview with Emma Lahana who plays Detective Brigid O’Reilly.

Question: What is it like being a character who is a bridge between the Cloak & Dagger series, and the Luke Cage series?

Emma Lahana (Detective Brigid O’Reilly): It’s so cool! When you are on set, and saying the lines, you hope people will pick up on it. Then you get this huge reaction, and it’s so cool to see that. The fans seem so happy when they see how it’s linked. Simone is a legend. She is so rad. I think she is the coolest, and that I got to be linked with her, that Brigid and Mistie are friends.

Question: Do you think we’ll have a small episode with her?

Emma: You know, I’d really like to do it! That’d be a dream. I’d love to go on Luke Cage, that’d be rad.

Question: In the comics, O’Reilly becomes Mayhem.

Emma: She does, I have heard that it’s a thing that happens.

Question: Is this going to be something we should expect? Are we going to get any surprises?

Emma: What do you think? So there are Marvel people around, I don’t want to get fired. What I’ll tell you is, that Brigid takes two more massive knocks. They kinda get bigger and bigger as season one comes to an end. Then you will kind of see where her journey is going to go for season two.

Question: So Brigid has a ton of vices, are these vices going to be what leads her down this Mayhem path?

Emma: Are you making reference to the snorting drugs?

Question: And other things….

Emma: Boning in the back of a cop car? She’s not one to play by the rules. I think it’s going where you are not expecting. There is a lot of hints if you look very closely for the trailer that they released. Maybe if you watch in slow motion.

Question: How do the events in episode eight effect your character going forward?

Emma: She obviously, did not like Conners from the beginning, because he was a dick. She goes after him. You’ll see Brigid and Tyrone start to work together more, and her become more of an ally to Tyrone and Tandy. Then we will see other stuff.

Question: Can you give us a little more about Brigid’s relationship with Tyrone. Tyrone has every reason to not trust a cop, but he is able to build a relationship with her.

Emma: Brigid O’Reilly has come from New York, to New Orleans. One of my primary researches going into this role was police brutality, and systemic racism in New York, so her character has seen it a lot. That’s why when Tyrone’s character comes to her and tells her what happened to Billy, she doesn’t “not” believe it. She has seen it so many times. That’s the thing I love about Brigid, is the fact that she will do the right thing, even if it’s not the easy thing. Even if she doesn’t easily win, she’ll still go after that. She believes Tyrone obviously, and is trying to get justice for him. The last episode when you see, I’m sure you know who had ties into what has happened, they think they have won with the confession, but they haven’t. There is still work to be done, and they try to do that together. There are some amazing scenes that Audrey and I have done, and it doesn’t make sense for Brigid to be crying, but he will do these scenes. I would try not to cry, but it would just turn into snot and I’d be such a mess. He is wonderful and we have some amazing stuff.

Make sure to keep your eyes here for a post, on the August 17th, when we interview Joe Pokaski the showrunner for Cloak & Dagger. Also, we’ll keep you informed on the release date for the new season, as soon as it’s known.

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