Nerd News Social Sits Down With the Stars of “Deadly Class”: Benjamin Wadsworth, and Benedict Wong

One of the hottest comics at Comic-Con this year was Deadly Class written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Wes Craig. The comic not only was sold out at the Image Publishing booth, you could see its banners on busses, various banners around the convention hall and at Image, and soon to be seen as a live action TV adaptation on SYFY channel executively produced by Miles Orion Feldsott and Mick Betancourt. After you read this article, you must check out the pilot.

The story is set in the 80’s and follows Marcus, a teenage boy living on the streets. His reputation gets to Master Lin, played by Benedict Wong in the TV adaptation, who is the principal of King’s Dominion. He recruits Marcus into his elite private academy where the world’s top crime families send their next generations. You can imagine the adventures and chaos are unlimited between the various crime cliques and assassin classes such as AP Black Arts and Beheading.

As a fan of the comics, I can tell you this show is going to be a huge hit! We sat down with Benjamin Wadsworth (Marcus), and Benedict Wong (Master Lin). Here is what you want to know.

Lindsay: What’s been your favorite part of the Con so far?

Benjamin Wadsworth (Marcus Lopez): I think talking to the fans. We just got done with signing a bunch of stuff, I really enjoyed that. Also hanging out with this guy.

Lindsay: What’s it been like hanging out with a veteran comic book actor?

Benjamin: It’s amazing, learning so much working with him.

Benedict Wong (Master Lin): Enjoy every minute.

(Benedict and Benjamin Laugh)

Benedict: No, for me it’s great hanging out with these guys. Being the honorary veteran. They are all sort of sickly talented, and when we did the pilot I was impressed by their work ethic. They were really dedicated, and put in so much hard work. They have done very very well to make sure this will blow up. We are all raring to go in August. We can’t wait for people to see it in August.

Lindsay: What was your first reaction when you heard about this project?

Benedict: I was doing Infinity War at the time, and Joe Russo pulled me to one side, and it was great. They have a knack of finding what is amazing. I read some of the graphic novels, and spoke to Rick Remender, and I haven’t really seen this kind of drama before. It’s set in the 80s, and the music around with some incredible fighting. What’s not to love.

Lindsay: I know parents and teachers aren’t supposed to say who their favorites are, but does your character have a favorite click?

Benedict: No he doesn’t. The only side that he is on, is his own. He’s very firm, and can be very unfair, and the side that he is on, is his own. That’s to maintain the legacy of Kings Dominion. The legacy of his family, who created Kings Dominion. The secret academy that has all of the elite criminal underworld’s offspring. Parent’s evening is kinda tough for him. We will see how that works out.

Lindsay: Your character has been through a lot. Scars all over his body. Is that something we can expect to see in the TV series? Can you tell us a little more about your character’s first time in this school, and how he feels?

Benjamin: I would say, he is very confused. He doesn’t know what to expect at first.

Stay tuned for more information about when the Season will be premiering on SYFY!

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