Unboxing The NexiGo Hall Effect Gripcon

Do you have a Nintendo Switch? Do you want the quality of a pro controller built into a dock system? NexiGo is a company that we’ve covered for quite some time, we met them at CES and have shared articles talking about their Ultra Slim Earbuds and Nintendo Switch gaming controllers, you can see that article Here.

As far as companies go, NexiGo offers a wide range of items from webcams to projectors, quality, however, is a major importance in every product they create.

With that in mind, and in part, because of our time working together in the past, NexiGo was more than willing to send us their most latest in the Hall Effect Gripcon lineup to compare it, check it out, and see if we should share it with you guys.

Thanks to the quality of the Hall Effect joysticks, and the firm, yet malleable triggers and buttons on the controller, the quality of the device is at if not higher than that of a pro controller. The Gripcon is specifically designed to not only fit the regular Switch but also the OLED Switch models and has a soft fabric-like finish to prevent scratching the back of your Switch as you attach it to the NexiGo Hall Effect Gripcon.

While it makes use of your Switch’s singular USB-C output, it also creates a USB-A a input onto the dock controller, as well as a USB-C plug, for charging, and an HDMI out for monitors and outputting the system. Thanks to the touch of a button, on the backside, you can choose to use the gripcon as a controller or a dock. Whatever meets your needs on the go or at home.

The last two features I want to talk about are two game card storage option on the NexiGo Hall Effect Gripcon. You can easily store, but not be able to use, two game cards on the device so you can hot swap them out of the actual port on the switch. The other feature of this device that I want to talk about is the kickstand. I really like how heavy duty the NexiGo Hall Effect Gripcon kickstand is, as it is placed in the center of the switch. The only problem I see with having a kickstand, is that since the dock is also the controller, I don’t see a lot of using of the kickstand unless you’re watching a cinematic, or just for some reason watching movies on the switch.

Pick up your own Hall Effect Gripcon from NexiGo Here.

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