Rants And Reviews: Clue: Wednesday

We talked a lot about Wednesday Here in our review section, but we’ve also talked about The OP Games’ other collaboration with Wednesday which was Ouija: Wednesday. You can see our video for that Here!

Now, though, they’ve taken a step higher and included the successful Netflix series character and added the show’s dynamics into the iconic murder mystery game of Clue. As you are probably aware, Clue is a game where you search for information via questions to deduce who is the murder, what weapon was used, and where was the final moments of Mr. Body.

Where The OP Games, Hasbro, and Netflix deviated from the traditional game of Clue is the inclusion of special abilities on character cards that can be only used once per game. The game also includes action cards, which while not new to Clue, has been included in more recent and modern forms of Clue. Within the action card deck though us the Hyde cards. As you are playing the game, you reveal Hyde cards, which will place a clock on the game. Once the eighth Hyde card is turned over, the player who revealed it is now out of the game, having been killed by Hyde. After remaining players shuffle the Hyde card back into the deck of remaining cards, and if the 8th Hyde card is revealed again, everyone dies. The game is over, even if no one has figured out all the clues.

If you’re a fan of Clue, this really does add a big difference to the gameplay and forces players to be more collaborative once the time starts to get closer and closer to the end. If you want to pick up your own copy of Clue: Wednesday, you can do so Here!

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