Universal Studios Hollywood Reveals Super Nintendo World’s Opening Date

Coming to Universal City on February 17, 2023, one of the must exciting themed lands is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood!

Super Nintendo World is just months away, and this land will be filled with vibrant colors that will make you feel like you walked out of a warp pipe! Speaking of which, you do enter the world through a pipe!

As you journey through Peach’s Castle or the Mushroom Kingdom, you can even purchase a “Power-Up Band” to interact more with the world around you. I imagine this will be similar to that of the wands at Wizarding World but more featured in keeping race scores, and challenges throughout the Super Nintendo Land.

Guests will be able to beat a Goomba, a Koopa Troopa, Piranha Plant, and Thwomp to ear keys to unlock a challenge against Bowser Jr.!

On top of the new world, players, I mean visitors will get to join in on some karting as the premier ride of the park will be the Mario Kart: Bower’s Challenge. In it players will experience a ride fusing augmented reality and actual set pieces on a moving ride track. After their ride they can enjoy some Mushroom Kingdom themed food at the Toadstool Cafe or pick up some merchandise at the 1-UP Factory!

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