Rochelle Returns To Dreamscape For Clockwork Forest

Tick tock, the time is nigh to book your tickets to the newest adventure from Dreamscape.

Clockwork Forest captures your curious imagination in this beautiful imagining of a mechanical wonderland. Meet Pauline, heir to a Master Watchmaker who has harnessed the rhythm of nature itself in a machine. A longing bond fills Pauline’s heart as she unveils this machine, a mysterious clock. Lightning strikes within the clock, setting off a ripple effect of nature around you. Spring turns to winter, and the world is topsy turbulent! Shrink down to size to restore time by journeying into the Clockwork Forest. There you will meet the inhabitants – ladybugs, snails, fireflies, and even the White Rabbit. Take heed and hurry to solve the puzzle to the source of time.

This may be one of the longest VR experiences Dreamscape has, at approximately 18 minutes in length. But it goes by so quickly as everywhere you look you are captivated by the wonder and beauty of its flora and fauna. I was absolutely captivated by its charming take on Wonderland, definitely steampunk vibes here. Not only is it visually stunning and stimulating, but those tactile elements add that immersive quality as well, as you can feel your way around the world.

I do believe that Dreamscape is one of the leading innovators in VR technology and storytelling/entertainment. I’m sure soon, too, instead of choosing an avatar to represent you, your image will be easily transferred in. Or, at the very least, you’ll be able to add in your own customized avatar. I’m always so excited to see what the future holds, but for now you really can’t go wrong with any of the rooms here. And their lobby is like waiting in line for a Disneyland ride. Great attention to detail and everything is on-point. There is also a display board to show departure flights which adds a nice “travel” touch.

While this is for ages 13+, teens and adults alike will delight in the wonders of this new mechanical world that ticks forward and calls you in.

Check it out Here at the Westfield Century City mall, near Eataly. You won’t want to miss it!

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