Nerd Taste of Los Angeles: Lost Spirits Distillery

Lost Spirits is a distillery in Los Angeles, and is not like your typical distillery. The owners have created a unique design to the entrance, where the only way for the general public to access the distillery and laboratory is through a boat. That’ll keep those recipes secret! The insides of the distillery are also closely guarded, having been built by the owners without use of any contractor or people outside of the company. So… if you fall through the floor, that’s on you.

Earlier in this year a small fire burned down part of the distillery. However the establishment was re-built even better! Now they are ready for visitors, are you ready for the adventure?

As we stated earlier, people who visit the distiller are taken from the gate via boat to the actual warehouse. Therein you will see every step of their process from ingredient to liquor. If you keep your eyes open, you may even find out about new things that they are working on that haven’t been announced yet.

About the Liquor
Lost Spirits Distillery focuses on High-Ester rums and peated single malts.

  • Nitrogen Deprived Fermentation.
  • Grade “A” Molasses.
  • Photocatalytically Matured.

  • Matured with a mix of charred, and
    toasted virgin American oak
    seasoned in France.

    (Abomination Peated Malt)
    (40 – 55 ppm +)
  • Heavily-Peated Malt.
  • Imported from Islay, Scotland.
  • Photocatalytically Matured.

  • Virgin American oak seasoned with
    Late Harvest Riesling and toasted
    in France.

    (40 – 55 ppm +)
  • Heavily-Peated Malt.
  • Imported from Islay.
  • Photocatalytically Matured.

  • Virgin American oak seasoned with
    Late Harvest Riesling and charred

    Served at 49.7% ABV
  • Nitrogen deprived Fermentation.
  • Grade “A” Molasses.
  • High Rectification Pot Distillation.
  • Photocatalytically aged.

  • Matured using toasted virgin American
    Oak, Seasoned and toasted in France.

    If you do stop by the establishment for the tour, visitors typically get to sample 4 – 6 alcohols personally selected by the owners of the distillery. The pours however are controlled by State Law, so if you want more then the tasting, you can always pick up a bottle when the tour is done!

    Stop by the Distillery

    If you are interested in Lost Spirits, you can always tour their amazing facility, and sample some of their amazing liquors. The tours run an hour and a half to two hours, and cost $37. If you are thinking about buying the tour for a friend or family, you are in luck since the organization allows tickets to be purchased as gifts.

    If you think this would be cool as a bachelor party plan, first, you are right, second, the hours of the tour is limited by State Law, and the max tour size is 8-12 people. So keep that in mind.

    Purchase tickets to the tour Here!

    The tours must be booked in advance, and runs from Friday through Sunday weekly.

    Lost Spirits
    1200 E. 5TH Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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