We Stopped By Super Nintendo World In Hollywood!

Universal Studios Hollywood invented us out to explore their newest Super Nintendo World before it opened to the general public!

If you were a big fan of the Mario Brothers as a kid, then it’s really good odds that you actually owned a Super Nintendo Console, or at least wished you did. Countless nights we spent playing to Super Mario Bros and dreamed of living in a world with those iconic characters.

This actually marks the second Super Nintendo World opened by Universal Studios, with the first having been opened in Universal Studios Japan.

While you could simply enter the land, and only ride the new Mario Kart ride, or eat at Toadstool Cafe, the true interactivity of this world lies in the adventures children of all ages can experience with the Power-Up Wristbands. While the bands themselves cost $40 dollars, they do so much more then the Harry Potter wands do, at two-thirds the price!

The wristbands not only allow you to access the four challenge games in the park, but also allow you to enter the Bowser Jr. zone once you have defeated three of them. Also, with the use of the wristbands, you can collect your coins, and keep track of your stats throughout the themed land.

As you perform actions, or experience the park’s new world, you even unlock stamps and add to your experience!

The app is best when paired with a smart watch and the app, but children don’t need one, as the park attendees will tell you if your wristband allows access to Bowser Jr, and more then one wristband can be paired onto a parent’s phone. The area is jam packed, and just small enough that Parents can just slap the bands on their kid’s wrists, and allow them to run around the area, interacting with experiences, and playing games!

We definitely recommend that you stop by Toadstool’s Cafe though, as they have some very delicious dishes. If you don’t like Mushrooms though, fair warning, a lot of the dishs have them!

Looking to the brand new Mario kart ride, your wristband can track your ride scores and stats, but the drawback for the land is the restrictions on the waist size to ride. You must be under 40″ for your waist, which really does mean that even Mario, the portly plumber, would not be able to ride his own ride at the theme park.

There are tons of collectables and plushes for purchase at the 1-Up Store within the land, and they limit purchases to two items per product, to prevent sellout.

So what are you waiting for! Head to Super Nintendo Land now, and purchase your tickets Here!

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