“Paw Patrol is on a roll!” At The Discovery Cube!

Sure feels like it when I see Paw Patrol popping up everywhere, but maybe it’s because I have a daughter who’s obsessed with the show. That’s why we were all so excited to visit the Discovery Cube LA for their special hands-on exhibit featuring all our favorite pups. Join the pups on their individual missions, solving puzzles and doing jobs in Adventure Bay!

  • Chase is on the case! And so are you! Don your backpack and get ready to be a part of the Paw Patrol!
  • Skye spotted a baby dolphin lost in the bay. Hop along the turtles and figure out a way to get the baby to his mama!
  • Through ice and snow Everest is ready to go! Climb the mountain and look for friends in need. Peer through the periscope and telescope!
  • Rubble on the Double! Help free his friend Jake, stuck under the snow!
  • Rocky to the Rescue! Help Rocky sort the trash into the recycling bins! This tests your shapes and colors!
  • Mayor Humdinger boasts he can make the highest cake. Can you beat him? As you attend the competition you see that Marshall needs your help! He’s knocked over the cake so you need to stack them back up as high as you can!
  • Assist Mr Porter in the kitchen by baking some treats.
  • Saul the seas and help Zuma free the tangled sea gulls and return them to their nest!
  • Make a rescue plan with Tracker in the jungle.
  • Clean up after the Kitten Catastrophe by replanting the flowers!
  • No matter where you turn, no job is too big, no pup or person is too small to solve them all! There are so many fun ways to interact with the Paw Patrol and immerse yourself in their world. This is the perfect experience for ages 3-6.

    Along with the special exhibit the entire museum is open to explore. And because it’s Earth Month, Eco Challenges await! Many activities are similar to the Orange County location, but Paw Patrol started in LA and is only there till May 14th! If you miss it in LA be sure to catch it at to the OC location starting May 27th!

    Head Here for more info and tickets!

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