A Low-Key Froakie Community Day For Pokemon Go!

Hey, Trainers! Welcome back!

This month we go from one shiny amphibian to another! From Poliwag to Froakie! That’s right, this month’s Shiny Pokemon for Community Day is the Generation 6 water type starter, and now it can be your newest shiny team member!

The date and time are Sunday, August 13th, 2:00pm till 5:00pm local time. Here are the bonuses you can expect:

  • 3X Stardust! Farm those resources!
  • 2X Catch Candy, including the chance for 2X XL Candy if you’re a Trainer level 31 and above.
  • Lure Modules and Incense launched during event times will last for 3 hours.
  • Photobombs!
  • Froakie themed Stickers will be available in all the usual ways you get Stickers.
  • For $1:00 or your local equivalent you’ll gain access to a Special Research quest: a Bubbly Disposition! (You may gift these Tickets to other Trainers with whom you are Good Friends or better.)
  • Trades will cost 50% less Stardust.
  • You may perform an extra Special Trade for a total of 3 up till 10:00pm.
  • 4 Star Frogadier raids will launch after 5:00pm – beat one and Froakie will spawn within 300 meters of the gym for a half hour with the same Shiny odds as during the event proper.
  • Froakie will be spawning in massive numbers with the possibility of a Shiny!
  • Evolve your Froakie or Frogadier into Greninja and they will have the Community Day exclusive Fast Attack Water Shuriken.
  • We actually already Spotlighted Froakie when Generation 6 first launched in December of 2020! Almost three years ago, huh? Where has the time gone? Check it out Here. Shiny Froakie is just a slightly lighter shade of blue so be careful when hunting for them! Look for the sparkles and yellow name text. Shiny Greninja is a slick looking black color though, so, hoard those Froakie candies to make sure you get one of your own.

    And that’s all I got for you this time around, Trainers! As always, I’m wishing you the absolute best of luck in snagging those Shinies and high IV powerhouses! Take care, have fun, stay hydrated and Catch ‘Em All!

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