Pivo Pod Releases Equestrian Edition Pack!

During CES we meet the people from Pivo Pod and fell in love with their device. You can find our coverage of them as best of CES Unveiled!

One use we didn’t think of during CES, but it makes a ton of sense, is using the Pivo Pod for equestrian training. One of the most important thing you can do in any sport is record and review your prior training sessions. It allows you to see what you need to change with your form, and if your adjustments held to what you were attempting to do. It’s the reason why professional sports team spend hours each week reviewing footage to confirm and train to the full extent possible.

With that in mind the people behind the Pivo Pod thought they could help those out in that field with their Equestrian Edition Pro kit which reduces the bundle from over $450 dollars to just $299.99 during their Summer Flash sale!

The Pivo Pod uses it’s special tracking system to keep a close look on the user, focus on them as they ride around the track, and prevents the need at having to look at your form from a far enough angle so it will cover the whole track/field. Being able to see so upclose will allow you to really adjust your form and prepare for competition better then others in the sport.

Additionally you can set up the device to broadcast or share the footage with your coach or trainers thanks to the package of apps that comes along with the kit.

Included in the pack is a collection of the tools you’ll need:

  • Pivo Pod
  • Smart Phone Mount
  • Remote
  • Travel Case Mini
  • Tripod
  • Travel Case Classic
  • The basic pack is only $179.99 but only includes these items:

  • Pivo Pod
  • Smart Phone Mount
  • Remote
  • Travel Case Mini
  • Both bundle also includes these programs to get your content put together and to reference for your growth:

  • Pivo+
  • Pivo Play
  • Pivo Cast
  • Pivo Present
  • Pivo Live
  • It’s currently on sale for $299.99 during their Summer Flash sale, so if you want to pick that up, then head Here

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