Find Your Story, Or Someone Else’s On Ringdom

Writers and readers alike are always looking for a place to share, or find amazing works of literature. There are never enough books in the world, or places to enjoy them.

But there is at least one more.

Ringdom is that new place for people to find high-quality, high-concept, high-immersive stories.

For Readers:
Finding the right story for you can be a bit hard, it’s made worse by a venue that makes it hard to find what’s right for you, and accepts every story in the world into its marketplace. At Ringdom you’ll find stories tailored and chosen for their quality, and the likelihood they will interest you.

Starting off you can find books on topics like:

  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Game World
  • Science Fiction
  • and more!
  • If you love genre stories, and want to delve into the rabbit hole of books then head to Ringdom, and while you’re there you can give feedback on chapters and stories in the comment sections!

    For Writers:

    You can use Ringdom to get yourself off your butt, and to publish your stories to the community. They have various programs, writing contracts, and contests for their writers.

    Whether your work is completed, or you only have the first chapters, you can still join Ringdom.

    Simply head to their create section, and upload a section of your work, and you could be considered for a contract. With the contract, you qualify for payment and even bonus rewards. Not enough for you, you can also have your stories join the pay-to-read program and earn royalty income for your stories.

    So what are you waiting for? Dive into the fantasy stories of Ringdom!

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