Rants And Reviews: Disney Sorcerer’s Arena – Leading The Charge Expansion

We’ve already talked about Disney Sorcerer’s Arena and how the game works, you can find that video here:

  • Base Game
  • Turning The Tide Expansion
  • Thrills And Chills Expansion
  • The reason I brought you here today though is specifically to talk about their third expansion, call Leading the Charge. This expansion features characters like Scar, Buzz Lightyear, and the amazing Elsa from Frozen.

    This expansion adds 3 characters along with their character sheets, their tokens for gameplay, and their own decks. You still need to have the original game to be able to play at this expansion though. This expansion also brings the invulnerable category.

    Our own personal opinion is that this expansion is worth getting for Scar, and I love the card’s art. Check out some of the artwork and abilities in our video of the cards below.

    Pick up your copy of the Leading the Charge expansion to Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Here.

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