Rants And Reviews: On A Scale Of One To T-Rex

This week we are checking out On A scale Of One To T-Rex, a game that’s all about energy and pantomiming, but more about energy and having fun with friends.

During the gameplay you’ll receive number cards that will specifically tell you the energy level you must perform at. The card will also be colored, to coordinate with one of the three task on the table. The player then must peform the action, which could be acting like a T-Rex, or hailing a taxi, at the energy level stated on the card.

Players will then have to look at the energy of other players and guess if they’re presenting the same energy level or at least close to themselves.

If you feel that another player has the same level, you hand them your card and confirm if you are the same, or one point away. If you are the same or close you earn point tokens. However, if you are not close to their level of energy, you get a negative token. Once all the tokens are collected, the person with the most wins.

Players are allowed to talk during the experience, describe what they are doing, or still talk normally, but they can’t mention what their energy level is. This is a fast party game designed to be fun amongst the chaos of everyone pantomiming.

Pick up your copy of On A Scale Of One To T-Rex Here.

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