Samsung Brings Self-Driving Car Tech To Smart Vacuums

Announced this year at CES, Samsung is finally releasing the Jet Bot AI+ robotic vacuum which takes smart vacuums to the next level! Integrating an Intel AI system, and stereo-type 3D sensors, Samsung has in essence combined self-driving car technology in the first vacuum to completely and intelligently plot its way around your house.

The Jet Bot uses its systems to scan your room, identify not only obstacles by the types of objects they are. Tables, couches, cords on the floor? The Jet Bot can determine what they are, and plan accordingly to give your home the fastest, most efficient, and powerful clean without you having to lift a finger.

It’s able to give your home it’s stellar cleaning due to its digital inverter motor, and the AI system’s ability to identify surface and dirt levels to adjust the system to the room, and the mess, it encounters.

Thanks to the self-driving car sensors, the device is able to even recognize pets in your home to avoid them as they actively move around the house.

While the device does not require manual supervision, Samsung has given you a really awesome additional feature in which you can use the SmartThings App to view your home through its camera as it’s cleaning.

The device comes with a dock and clean system, which will automatically empty the vacuum, keeping one more task out of your hands!

The Jet Bot AI+ is available now on at select retailers, or directly at Samsung Here for $1,299.00. Definitely a high price point for the unit, but the tech justifies the price point.

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