See How Stewart Semple Is Distrupting The Spray Paint World

Stewart Semple does a lot for the art world. From taking down companies or artists who want to keep colors from the industry to generally creating amazing new tools for artists, Semple is a beast in the industry.

Now Semple is going to change the way we use spray paint. Spray paint is a basic technology, it’s simple, it’s cheap for the industry, but it’s dangerous for the environment. Aerosol cans generally contain volatile organic compounds and petroleum products and while modern products try to use chlorofluorocarbon-free elements, but their reactions with metal can still cause a release of volatile organic compounds. These volatile organic compounds cause air pollution, fog, and damage to the environment.

Volatile organic compounds will interact with nitrogen oxides and forms of ground-level ozone interacting with sunlight UV rays, and increase ground-level ozone.

Semple has created a simple solution in SPRAY. SPRAY is a bottle topper that should work on almost every bottle you have in your home. You put your paint in the bottle, you put the SPRAY unit on top, and then you pressurize the bottle with their pump or any air pump. The air pressure fills the need leftover from the lack of aerosol.

So… is the SPRAY available now? Not yet, but you can pre-order the SPRAY through Semple’s Kickstarter. It funded in the first 30 minutes, and you can get your own $114. I know that seems like a lot, but when you realize that it’s fully reusable, and can be used over and over again.

If this interests you, if you use a lot of spray paint for work, or for art, then you should back this before it closes.

Back and pre-order the SPRAY Here on Kickstarter.

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