Sony Playstation 4 VR 4 ALL!

Good news, If you bought a PlayStation Sony VR Set, you got a lot more then you thought you were getting.

Apparently the design for the PS4 VR allows for it to receive apparently any HDMI input. Without the Head Sensing feature of the PS4 Camera it wont create the similar effect of VR Gameplay, or even the quality of what you get from the super cheap Google Cardboard.

However what you will gain is a cinematic view of what ever input you place into the device.

What does that mean?

Well if you were on the verge of buying a New TV, but decided to instead buy the PS4 VR, then you lucked up.

Throw that old TV away, get an HDMI selector (or receiver), and hook all your items up to the view screen.
Well unless you have people that you live with… You know who’d want to watch things too.

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