The Triumphant Return Of “Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell”

Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell (YPFIGTH)

If you don’t know where you are going to be Sunday, October 23rd, well then let me tell you. You are going to Hell. Specifically at 11:30 P.M.

That’s right, Sunday October 23rd, at 11:30 P.M. Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell returns to Adult Swim.

Thanks to it’s return, Adult Swim let us sit down and talk to the main actor Henry Zebrowski. This being our second interview we have done with him, it allowed us to really get into some fun and interesting areas. Included in this post I include the audio, as well as a transcript so that people interested in reading or listening have the choice.

Nerd News Social: Hey Henry…
Henry Zebrowski: How are you?
NNS: Good, You?
Henry: I am good, I am in London. I am so bloated from drinking beer and eating hamburgers. I feel good. I feel like me.
NNS: Well it’s a pleasure to talk to you again.
Henry: Yes, it’s great. Thanks for wanting to write about this.
NNS: first and foremost, I just want you to know we love Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell.
Henry: Thank you, I love you. I just wish, I want more people to see it. I’m digging the 3rd season, when it gets out I think people are going to be surprised. I think we are in really good shape. Better then we ever have before.
NNS: Which is hard because season 2 was amazing.
Henry: Season 3 is going to blow season 2 out of the water.
NNS: My favorite episode from last season was Heaven.
Henry: Yeah? You like it? Those fucking assholes. They made that episode. There was a bunch of great scenes with Sarah (Baker), because Sarah was our guest. She’s incredible with improv, but they cut as much as they could so they could get as much of my ass as they could in the episode. When I finally saw it, man. they literally shot my bare ass for hours. They did different angles and this one poor grip that I kept bumping with my asshole. I think that’s the worst, that’s the comedy killer is actually seeing the butthole. We just have to make sure that doesn’t show up on television, but luckily those guys were looking for it. Sorry, I’m in the middle of doing tech for my live podcast in London right now.
NNS: Was it a major shift in style to go from Hell to Heaven on the show?
Henry: It was kinda a welcome shift, because I loved not having to wear the makeup. Because with Gary we don’t really know why he is in Hell. They have alluded to some stuff. There was one concept that I pirated a DVD and then I died. We are going to find out in season 3 that there is a concept that I was wearing two.. there is a very specific bible term that if I am wearing two different types of linens that you can go to hell. Like from the ancient times like the old Testimate(s).
NNS: Like any poly-blends.
Henry: Yeah poly-blends. In my head it was that Gary was so stupid that he ended up in hell. He is just so stupid and inappropriate. So it was nice displaying me in my day to day clothes but also be very in hell, to stupid to live. While everyone is happy and enjoying golf.
NNS: I always assumed it was sloth personally, that got him in hell.
Henry: Yeah definitely sloth. Fat moron. I love him so much though, I am him. I want to be a live action of him.
NNS: I imagine the best part was not having to wear the makeup like you said. Has the makeup process gotten any easier for the actors on the show, or is it still the same giant amount of time to apply all of that?
Henry: Now that we have gotten to this place, we are in and out in 40 minutes. And I’ve figured out a way to take the makeup off where I literally cover myself in 99% alcohol, so it comes right off of me, but It’s kinda like having a chemical peel every single day. So by the time we are done shooting, my skin is like a billiards ball. Tight and shiny. I look like, kinda like a hot dog, like a living hot dog.
NNS: What has been your favorite episode on the series so far?
Henry: My favorite episode is probably “Devil in the Details.” with the hell musical, and my second favorite episode would be “True Love” and “Krampus”. “True Love” is because of Craig Rowin when he is in that bird cage. “Krampus” because David as Krampus is fantastic. He truly became Krampus in a way that was terrifying to the boy in the shot. He started crying and the mother had to come collect him, because he was being so fucked up. He had a weird rubber tongue, and we had this stunt double child, because of the lick with the tongue. It’s fine to lick a little person but not an actually little boy. However then we got a rubber tongue and it was fine, but the tongue really upset the child, and we had to stop filming.
NNS: Sometimes it’s amazing the rules.
Henry: I love my job. I love it.
NNS: I know sometimes you can’t tell us about certain things, but what can you tell us to look forward to in the new season?
Henry: You see Gary rap, but it’s bad. I get pregnant. We got an alien in there. They wont listen to my real advice about aliens. No one wanted to hear about the Reptilians and the aliens, no one cared. Dana Snider is involved. He plays the demon in season 3.
NNS: Last time we talked we discussed Heroes, while the show ended some say too soon again, what was it like to become part of that franchise?
Henry: It was a really cool part of my life to be a part of those stories. I liked being a conspiracy theorist, because I’m a conspiracy theorist in real life. I’m a really good friend with Jack Coleman on that show, which is really nice to have a friend who is such a great actor. I can learn from him. It was so much fun to be in a scifi. I miss it so bad. I miss the explosions, the crazy sex. I got to shoot a gun. That’s one of my favorite things that I got to shoot a gun and I’d like to do that again. I’d like to play a kid who fights a blood war, like a blood diamond kid, like a lost boy but from the Congo. But I’m teaching the kids, like a boot camp drill sergeant for a bunch of kid warriors.
NNS: So you want to make a movie about being a child soldier warlord?
Henry: Yes, a child soldier warlord. I make the children do my bidding. It’s around Christmas time, and it’s an atheist child movement, and I using them to fight against God, and I learn about the true meaning of Christmas and the gift of giving.
NNS: I’m sold on this movie when can I buy my ticket?
Henry: The movie can be called “Down Comes Santa Clause”.
NNS: Or “The Actual War On Christmas”.
Henry: … taking Santa Claus and his family, forcing them to strip and take all of the toys out of the workshop.
NNS: Do you think the show has another chance to come back again, or is it the end of the road on that one?
Henry: Tim Kring has said there is no reason why it wont. But that’s way above my pay grade. I know they would love to bring it back if they can figure out how to do it. I do believe that they would love for us to be talking dogs in it, but I don’t believe they can do something that ridiculous. They’ll just replace us with robots and cartoons.
NNS: I know you currently work on your own podcast “Last Podcast On The Left”, that also streams as “Last Stream On The Left”. When working on the podcast, you guys seem to have a lot of fun. What brought you guys together to make a podcast?
Henry: We were old friends, Marcus (Parks) and Ben (Kissel) and I have been doing podcast together for years. They were a podcast “Roundtable of Gentlemen”. We were always joking around as friends and drinking buddies and had done podcasts for a couple years. Marcus and Ben were working on Last Podcast on the Left, and I just put myself on it because I’m obnoxious. It basically just turned into what it is. It took about 100 episodes for it to really become what it is. It’s an excuse for all of us to be complete and total monsters. It’s like take all our interests in all of these topics, serial killers and the occult and now I have an excuse to research it every week.
NNS: You have a really wide gambit of topics you talk about, how do you guys settle on your topics for the podcast?
Henry: Marcus and I pick a lot of the topics. Sometimes there is a plan, there are things we definitely know we are going to do. We knew we wanted to do 9/11. Sometimes topics come up based on what we are reading. I’ll hear something and then I’ll research it. Like when we did Black Monk of Pontefract, that came up randomly when I was looking up ghost stuff. I saw this thing with Black Monk of Pontefract and I was like, lets do this. Then I found out I already owned a book about poltergeist and it had a whole chapter on the Black Monk of Pontefract. It was like this already huge case on this and the American people don’t know about it. Other times we are scrambling for something to do and Marcus is looking through his library and says he has this book on the Ghost Cats of the South. Then we are like, alright… that’s our episode. We just never stop researching. We are always just reading shit and like when we did Aum Shinrikyo it was because I had been obsessed and was really excited to put it out. Marcus just came up with a concept which I really liked which was the Women Who Love Serial Killers.
NNS: Last Podcast On The Left streams live every Friday between 7:30PM and 8:30PM eastern time. I know you guys have a number for people to call in. Do you get a lot of interesting people calling in, or do you screen those people out?
Henry: No I want people to call in and say things like, “I think I killed her…” and then we have to deal with it. That’d be great.
NNS: Just a lot of people who just confess to committing crimes then?
Henry: Yes I’d love to get 4 or 5 confessions an episode.
NNS: That seams like a lofty goal, but if anyone can pull it off, I think it’d be you Henry.
Henry: I mean we’ve had this shit before. People always tell me, maybe 3 or 4 people, that they’ve been thinking about killing. Like I can do something, and I basically telling… “Don’t. Uh, sorry dude I don’t think that’s cool.” Is all that I can say, but if we can make them laugh, thats our goal, to make serial killers laugh.
NNS: That’s a good goal.
Henry: To be remembered by the redemptive power of laughter instead of murdering families.
NNS: So I was looking at your upcoming projects and I saw you are working on another project with Troma called Tromafist.
Henry: Oh we did sketches with my group Murderfist with Throma for a short period of time and were in the middle of filming shit. We had shot some stuff and then Throma is not the fastest group. So we are kinda just waiting. Kauffman has sorta become a mentor of mine, I love him. Throma is a really interesting brand. It’s a collection of maniacs in Long Island. I love going over there.
NNS: I also see that Jackie is involved in that project with you.
Henry: My sister is hilarious. My sister just needs one project that will make her very famous. America is going to fall in love with my sister, and very very soon.
NNS: Anything else from Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell that you want to share with us before we let you go?
Henry: Just I hope you watch it with the enjoyment of your family with the TV on top of a naked woman like a satanic alter.
NNS: Well I know I’ll be watching when the new season maybe not in that specific way but I can’t wait for it to debuts on Sunday October 23rd, at 11:30 P.M.
Henry: Make sure you pay the woman upfront.
NNS: Thanks again for your time Henry, and I’ll definitely be listening to that podcast.
Henry: Please do man, Hail Satan.
So once again, don’t forget to watch YPFIGTH on Adult Swim, Sunday October 23rd, at 11:30 P.M.
For those interested you can check out “Last Podcast on the Left” Here. I highly recommend giving it a listen!

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