Todd McFarlane Is Back At It Again With SPAWN!

Todd McFarlane is a staple from my childhood.

From helping form one of my favorite comic book companies, to creating my favorite anti-hero/hero. Todd has always been a creative force in the industry.

Apparently he isn’t done yet.

After Spawn created a film franchise that faltered, and then an animated film franchise that shined, he seemed to not be content with allowing the future of his vision to only stay in comic book and action figure form.

He has been promising to continue his work with a new movie for some time, but apparently he has finished and edited down the work now.

He is shopping for a studio who will back him, and help him set up a film date so he can deliver some good news to the crowd at Comic Con San Diego in a couple months.

My only fear is that he will suffer from the same problem many creators do though past that point.

Most studios don’t take a script as is. There is usually a read through, and some added concepts. “Wouldn’t it just be perfect if instead of dying, he just fell into hell?”

If any person could get it done though, It’d be Todd. So look forward to more news to come out of Comic Con San Diego with this one!

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