Unboxing The All-In-One Oculus Quest 2 Charger

One of the things I really can’t stand about gaming systems that use actual batteries, is the waste it can cause and in it’s day-to-day use.

You can always pick up some rechargeable batteries, but then you have to open the controller compartments to replace the batteries, and the Quest 2 controllers are not easy to open. This all-in-one system not only uses magnetic charging ports connected to the controllers, but allows you to recharge not only the controllers but also the headset with only one cord.

The charger accomplishes this by creating replacement batteries that have connector terminals on them that then connect with the replacement outside housing for the controller. The cord also comes with a magnetic adapter to plug directly into your headset.

Once installed you’re good to go. You only need one cord for all your devices.

Check out our video down below.

Pick up your own All-In-One Oculus Quest 2 charging unit Here.

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