Conner’s Critique: The Cuphead Show – Season 2

We jumped at the chance to review Cuphead’s newest season just as we did before, you can see our prior review Here, but now it’s a whole new season.

As always we talk about our reviews over the topics of story, acting, and overall. So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump into the Inkwell Isles.

Story 10/10

The prior season’s Cuphead episodes stand alone on their own. Of course there was the underlying story of the Devil trying to collect Cuphead’s soul throughout the first season. The second season starts off with the fallout from the end of the first season where Saucer gets them arrested for their crimes at the cookie factory.

”[I]t’s nice to see some story link throughout the series.”

The way that both the characters deal with this scenario is very interesting, and it’s nice to see some story link throughout the series. It’s definitely more than what would occur in the first season. The story really does seem to continue on throughout the season.

While fans of the video game might disagree with me, one of the pluses about the series is that you do not need to be a fan or an avid gamer of the original platform of cuphead to enjoy the animated series.

Acting 6/10

While the very incredibly skilled voice actor is to betray a solid dentist a minute’s vibe to just a voice alone at the aid of the talented animators, it does appear that this season relies more heavily on an animated humor regarding the faces of the characters over the use of voice acted lines.

While mimable animated faces for situations might be a better way to connect with the audience at large that is watching the show, I feel like it does a disservice to the voice actors who are more than capable of expressing emotions without needing to use an oddly specific facial gesture.

Overall 7/10

Between the first and second season, I personally think the second season does a great job of incorporating the characters throughout the entire world of the Inkwell Isles. While the first season did a better job telling more high stakes stories and adventures, the second season really seems to understand the world better.

While the first season stories and activities were more standalone, season two focuses a lot more on continuing, closing up, and re-bringing up genuine stories from prior episodes and last season. I do highly recommend that you watch season one before diving into season two.

Conner’s Final Thoughts

Continuing a video game into television or film can usually go wrong. Due to the fact that video games normally have very involved and complex concepts that the player gets to explore.

Cuphead however was not specifically a very heavy storied game. The art, combat, and environment was outlandish and extreme.

Every episode of the Cuphead Show really does add to the full world of Cuphead, and I actually personally think the series adds something to the story and lore of the video game.

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