Unboxing The iFi Zen DAC V3

When it comes to audio, quality is always a priority. You can hear music, but quality and fidelity will cause the audio to either be life altering or unbearable.

A lot of the time, the issue is drivers, but power, digital compression, and bass support can regularly be the difference between the two experiences. A pre-amp and or Digital Audio Converter can be all the difference in the audio landscape.

We checked out the iFi Zen DAC V3, which is a portable DAC that can be connected to a myriad of devices. You can connect it to RCA, Digital in, or audio connection cords. Doing so will then place it through the Zen DAC and give it the extra power to give the audio the boost it needs to really sour.

Want to pick up your own iFi Zen DAC V3, you can do so Here!

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