Unboxing The Panasonic Multishape Kit

We’ve talked quite a bit about razors and grooming accessories here on the site over the years, including Panasonic’s Arc 6. Check out our coverage of the Arc 6 Here.

Now we are talking about the traveler’s dream, the Panasonic Multishape kit. You can also see our prior article talking about the Multishape Here.

This kit specifically is designed to work with an exchangeable body and multiple heads options. You can purchase whatever types of heads you want, or which ones will be helpful, or even all of them!

From Razors to Trimmers, with a toothbrush thrown in for good measure, this kit can cover all of your needs on the go.

We really like the versatility of the device, the multiple options available for lengths which go from 0mm all the way up to 59mm. Also we are a fan of the ability of customers being able to choose the kit and accessories that best fits the user.

As we’ve checked out a lot of razors in the past, see how this razor stacks up in our video below.

If you want to pick up your own Multishape tool, or its accessories, you can do so .

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