Unboxing The MyFirst Fone R1s Smartwatch

We covered a couple of the MyFirst products in the past from their camera to their sketch pad. This time we’re checking out something a little bit more tech heavy in the form of their R1s phone.

When it comes to giving your kids phones, an event that is happening earlier and earlier in their age these days, it can be difficult to manage their needs, while being safe. Everyone wants to be able to connect and communicate with their children in the time of emergencies, or just to arrange pick-ups and exchanges.

Phones can be a gateway to danger or abuse, so MyFirst Fone is a convenient and fun way for children to begin to engage in the world of digital communication while also being safe.

Parents set up the phone via the device’s app and are able to create contacts in which the kid can reach out to. You can also invite people to download the app which will allow children to be able to use video call with the smartwatch. This is a great option for Grandpa’s and Grandma’s, or even uncles and aunts.

The device features basic things like calling, camera, and some other fun features for your child to learn how to use. The device also features some easy-to-use controls that parents can adjust to keep their child from goofing around during school or specify periods of time.

You can pick up your own MyFirst Fone R1s Here!

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