Rants And Reviews: You’ve Got Crabs

With a game titled You’ve Got Crabs you could probably have guessed that the game style is a little bit off the wall. In this game you’d be correct.

The game takes a group of even numbered players, splitting everyone into pairs with each party sitting across from their partner. Each side of the table takes turns during the game, picking up and putting down one card at a time from their hand, until they can’t or don’t want to. The point being they are attempting to form a collection of four identical crabs in their hand.

Once a player has accomplished their goal, they will give their silent signal to their teammate on the other side of the table, telling them to call them out for having crabs. If they succeed, the players get to grab crabs as points.

However if another team picks up on the signal, they can call out the player before his ally, and thereby steal a point away from them.

It’s an incredibly simple game, but it’s tons of fun. Who doesn’t want to accuse their friends of having crabs?

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