Unboxing The Super Nintendo World Power-Up Band

Super Nintendo World is open, and it’s a ton of fun. You can actually check out our Nerd Taste video talking about the park Here!

That being said I’m sure there’s a lot of questions from a lot of people as to why they should or can purchase the Power-Up Bands which are available for purchase only at the park. The wristbands are slapbands that are usable to activate challenges, areas, and collection of scores throughout the small but vibrant experience zone of Super Nintendo World.

See us unbox what you get and the quality of the Yoshi Power-Up Band from Universal Studios Hollywood.

The Wristbands are available for purchase at the Universal Presents store in Citywalk before entering the park, at the first store to the left upon entering Universal Studios, Universal Studio Store, in the Lower Lot at Character Shop by Jurassic World, and via vending machines in Super Nintendo World.

While it’s a pricey product, it really allows users with the help of the app to add so much more you can do at the theme park.

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