Unboxing VisionTek VT400 USB-C Travel Dock

When it comes traveling, the lack of options on your laptops plug ports can be incredibly frustrating. We need to connect to devices, and usually don’t have a lot of control over options for your workspace when traveling. Having additional interfaces and options is key to being productive.

The VisionTek VT400 is a low profile USB-C travel dock perfect for any carry-on bag. The dock even has a tiny hiding-hole for its USB-C cord.

Additionally, with it’s display port and HDMI outputs, the VT400 gives you the ability to expand your travel workstation up to two 4K displays! No matter what the setting, the VT400 gives you options when you need it most.

Check out our video below.

Pick up your own VT400 USB-C Travel Dock Here.

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