Unboxing VisionTek VT7100 USB-C Dock

Are you working from home? Did your employer give you a laptop to run your setup?

Laptops are definitely more powerful these days, but they lack a lot of the options that a desktop computer does. If you are expecting the versatility of a home office you might be disappointed. Do you want to use all your traditional monitors and equipment on your laptop, but the new laptops don’t have the ports to allow you to do so?

A docking solution is going to be the way to merge the difference.

That’s where the VisionTek VT7100 really shines.

This USB-C desktop docking system has any plug you could ever need for your setup, while also being able to provide high-end power and the ability to run three 4K monitors.

The VT7100 is also specifically designed to match the esthetic of any Mac device.

Check out our video below.

Pick up your own VT7100 USB-C Dock Here.

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