Video Games for the Week of March 14th, 2023

PS5 & Xbox Series X

Anno 1800 by Ubisoft

Build a city through the dawn of the Industrial Age! During a time in which innovations, and industrialization was at it’s peak, can you keep up with history, or be doomed to be forgotten in the textbooks to follow!

PS4, Switch & Xbox One

Peppa Pig: World Adventures by Outright Games

Jump into the world of Peppa Pig as her and you travel to places all over the world! First though, build your family in a house right next to Peppa and become her family! You’ll need a place to store all your souveniers from around the world!

PS4 & Switch

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure by NIS America

Taking place after the Trails from Zero, the temporary peace does not last long. You and your allies must once again team up and fight the threats in the land, as well as the multiple organizations that have ulterior motives to allowing the peace to end.


Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon by Nintendo

Learn more about a witch Cereza before becoming the well-known, and well-loved character of Bayonette. Follow her through the Avalon Forest along with her first demon, which just so happens to possess a stuffed toy. Play as both Cereza and Cheshire and search through the treacherous forest to look for the power to save Cereza’s mother.

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