Video Game Review: Razed

Razed is a speed-run polygonal platformer game where you’re trying to stay alive by running constantly. This is the Speed of video games.

The Developer has captured you! He tells you that the world you know and love, and everything in it, must be destroyed. He created it but considers it a failure. Because you keep protesting, he feels guilty about wanting to raze it to the ground, so he gives you a pair of sneakers that will explode if you stay still too long. You need to keep running if you want to stay alive!

The Developer is ashamed of this world, possibly because the graphics are so oldschool. Everything is made of polygons, despite the HD graphics. It’s not meant to be visually stunning, but it still manages to be visually interesting.

It’s a repetitive soundtrack, without being obnoxious. Meant to keep you involved in the run, it doesn’t exactly that and not in an annoying way.

Very smooth controls, with your actions being heavily based on timing. I like that you’re not constantly forced to run, like some of these games. You’re allowed to stop and readjust or look around a bit if you want to risk your shoes blowing you up.

This game is so addicting! It’s all about speed, timing, and challenge, without being rage-inducing. It’s nice that there’s a tiny bit of story behind why you’re running. It gives a purpose to the game, and is pretty funny. With 60 levels and 6 different worlds, there’s a lot to love.

It’s a very simple and straight-forward game. If you’re looking for strong story, this isn’t the game for you. The closest thing to a twist is finding shortcuts.

I enjoyed this game very much. It’s good for winding down at the end of a work day, while staying entertaining the whole time. If you enjoy games like Robot Unicorn Attack or Geometry Dash, you’ll want to add this to your library.

Razed is available on XBox One, Steam, Nintendo Switch

Images sourced from My Brother Rabbit

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