Blowfish Studios and eigoMANGA Partner For Winter Ember Comic

Winter Ember is a video game that was released by our friends over at Blowfish Studios, we met then back at Los Angeles Comic Con for the game Obey Me.

In the game, the player takes the role of a man whose family was taken from him, as he searches for revenge. If you haven’t played it yet, you can always check it out on Steam

If you have played the game, or the premise sounds interesting to you, then you’ll be happy to know that eigoMANGA has entered into an agreement with Blowfish Studios to produce a ‘Winter Ember’ comic book series!

The story will be told in 8 parts, as the series delves into the Victorian world of Anargal, in the stealth game. Winter Ember’s comic book will be written by Kevin Grevioux, who is also known for creating the Underworld movie series as well as I-Frankenstein film franchises. Outside of movies though Grevioux is no stranger to comics, as he has already worked with Marvel and DC on several comics.

Art is a big thing with comic books, so we are glad that Chris Awayan from the Indestructible comic book series will be joining on the project to breath life to the Victorian setting.

The book will release in Spring of 2022 at the same time that Winter Ember will be releasing on major consoles for the first time!

Can’t wait, then pick up Winter Ember on Steam!

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