Rochelle Stops By Winter Fest OC For 2023

Winter Fest OC is back and greater than ever! Gather the family and bring them down to the OC Fair and Event Center to embrace their twinkling winter wonderland that hosts some of our favorites of the holiday season while mixing in some new fun this year!

When we think of Winter Fest OC we think of the carnival rides and games, the tree lighting ceremony, North Pole Adventure, ice skating, snow tubing, and of course the numerous fair food that offers more than just fair food like pizzas, kebabs, beer, and agua frescas. This year all of that is still here except it’s surpasses last year’s for these reasons (in my opinion):

  • Arctic Ice Trail: skating on this ice rink is so much more beautiful than others we’ve been to. It’s in a figure 8 and features an ornament stand inside as well as a more advanced side of the rink which has little bumps for those who want more of a challenge.
  • Polar Putt-Putt: a round of mini golf
  • Snow Play: touch and play in real snow, throw those snowballs, make snow angels, go on a snow tube ride and down a bunny hill – all without having to drive up a mountain to get to real snow!
  • Holiday parade and tree lighting show – always a great tradition at Winterfest! The costumes, performers, lights and snow really add to the experience.
  • North Pole Journey Immersive Experience – this 45-minute excursion was by far my favorite because they added a story element to this which always improves any experience if done right, and they done right! Like last year, it’s super interactive, and they have talented performers guiding you through the adventure which leads you through magical sets where you can interact with charming characters. Your mission here is to become a real elf! First thing you do is come up with your elf name. Journey through each location to test your elf abilities, like learning how to fly a reindeer and deliver presents. Do you have what it takes to become a real elf? While many of the sets and props are the same as last year they utilized them brilliantly. And get your kids’ hands up so they can go onstage and participate!
  • Winter Wishes – Meet and Greet with Santa.
  • Some of my Winterfest favorites include:

  • Snowflake Summit Ice Tubing – we could do this slide all day long! It’s so fun!
  • Festival train ride – a small train that tours the grounds.
  • Numerous holiday decorations for photo ops! It’s like a small fair feel decked with holiday cheer!
  • And don’t forget to check out that holiday market too!

    For those considering the VIP experience, you gain unlimited rides on Polar Playground, Ice Tubing, Blizzard Bumpers, and Snowflake Summit. Both have more exclusive and private dining and beverage options. For an add-on VIP experience, you have the option to rent the fireside igloos to roast s’mores, or book the VIP Arctic cabanas near the ice rink for a couple hours to celebrate your special occasion.

    Visit now through January 7th. Check the calendar online for winter savings dates. For more info visit their site Here.

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