We Survived The Queen Mary’s 57 Ghosts Experience

Are you a fan of the macabre, the spiritual realm, or ghost stories in general? Then if you’re a Los Angeles local and you meet all three of these, you’ve likely experienced a ghost tour or wanted to take one on the Queen Mary.

Now that the Queen Mary is open once more, ghost tours have returned to Long Beach. But more importantly, it’s given opportunity for a brand-new unique experience upon the boat.

Made in connection with Aiden Sinclair, the infamous medium, 57 Ghosts is a theatrical seance that takes place on the Queen Mary and highlights the history of the 57 people who have passed away on the vessel.

Handpicked by Aiden Sinclair to lead the seance is Michael Rangel. This talented orator and medium will not only walk you through a small tour of the boat, but also giving you information about prior patrons of the ship who passed away. Which will perfectly lead into the experience. The theatrical seance is broken down into two parts, the light and dark. During the light seance Rangel will builds a connection between the guests/attendees and himself. After a series of mind-bending experiences, Rangel will then turn to the dark seance, inviting one of the ghosts from the ship to join with the group.

While, currently, the seance focuses only on one specific ghost, we talked to Rangel after the experience and he noted an interest in having future seances focusing on different ghosts from the ship’s past, as there are so many other stories he could focus on.

While the experience pretty does focus primarily on one spirit, at this time, every seance is unique and different due to the myriad of things that can change and alter the events from start to finish.

Whether you’re a believer or not, it’s a fun experience in a truly spooky location with an incredibly talented and passionate host.

Sign up and purchase your tickets to the experience Here and keep tuned to our site for us to tell you when new stories are being told upon the boat.

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