Bob Baker Marionette Theater Brings Magic Strings

Bob Baker is bringing back an old show with a new twist for the family with Magic Strings!

The show will, for the first time, pair archival footage of Magic Strings with their live performance. The history of Bob Baker and Magic Strings is powerful, as the Magic Strings Theater inspired the very existence of the Bob Baker Marionette Theater. The show itself will be a tribute to the history of puppetry with over 100 puppets showcasing the many styles and types of puppetries.

The show will run through April 7, 2024 with a sensory-friendly showing occurring on February 11, 2024 for those that might be a bit more sensitive to the experience.

Tickets cost $25 with only Children under 2 for free. Pick up your tickets for the event Here.

Keep in mind, while they do not require it, they recommend Non-Cloth Masks for guests over the age of 2.

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