Conner’s Critique: Freevee’s Jury Duty

When it comes to reviews it’s really hard to review reality TV shows. The traditional review mold for series doesn’t really work the same for reality TV. It raises the question of, what are you going to talk about during the review.

But we’re more than happy to take up labor and oars of reviewing Jury Duty. As always our views break down the shows into story, acting, and overall.

Story 7/10

The story of Jury Duty is that of a regular Joe who believes that the creator of the series is producing a documentary series on what it’s like to be on jury duty. However, regardless of all the set dressing, and acting, there is no actual jury duty. The participant is actually instead being involved in a reality TV experiment where everyone is an actor except for Ronald Gladden.

It creates so many unique and interesting experiences that keeps you engaged and makes you want to watch more.

During the show, and Ronald Gladden’s journey, the producers will throw a myriad of personalities and events in his way. They specifically want to see how Ronald is going to engage with them and interact with the people around him.

It creates so many unique and interesting experiences that keeps you engaged and makes you want to watch more.

Acting 10/10

Normally with reality TV shows, we take this section to modify it so we are able to review a portion of the reality show since it doesn’t really have acting, well not real acting. In this show though, there are actually actors throughout the series.

Where Jury Duty stands out, however, is that it’s more of an improv show than that of a reality TV show. The actors perform in character as informed by the writers, but specifically the main character of the show is not an actor and the others have to play off of how he responds.

The creators of the show in the final episode discuss how they had to plan and write ideas last minute and had to find reasons to isolate Ronald so that they could get ideas and scripts written up and sent to the actors.

Additionally, to distract and play a little bit with the dynamics, they added the star power of a real actor into the mix. That means they included James Marsden, who most people would know today from his most recent work in the Two Sonic movies, but long time fans of his would know him from things like X-Men and Disenchanted.

Overall 7/10

At the end of the day it’s an amazing presentation provided by not only the cast of characters but by the contestant himself. It creates a really fun and enjoyable experience that makes you feel the connection with Ronald Gladden, and his more then honest and friendly larger then life personality.

Conner’s Final Thoughts

This show reminds me a lot of shows like Ordinary Joe and the like. Not incredibly interesting on it’s face.

I expected all of this, however when I heard the premise of the show, what I didn’t expect was Ronald Gladden and his reactions. At the core of what makes this show stand out is his heart, and frankly how the show works so hard to keep it scripted considering how different and at its core, inspiring its focal point makes it.

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