Conner’s Critique: A Sinister Halloween Scary Opposites Solar Special

Solar opposite back for a very special Halloween episode before the return of any new season. This is very similar to the way they released a Christmas special last year. However, unlike the Christmas special, this is our personal favorite time of year!

While it’s just one episode, it is a special so we are going to treat it to it’s very own dedicated critique! As always we break down our reviews into the topics of story, acting, and overall. So let’s jump in!

Story 6/10

As is pretty common for the format of most of the episodes of Solar Opposites the special starts off with half of the Solar Opposites fully invested in Halloween, with the other half either not impressed or just downright terrified.

Since Jesse and Terry don’t require a journey to fall in love with the holiday, their adventure is a bit stilted and doesn’t have a traditional arc to it. Their venture seems like it would though as it starts off very much like a basic “Keep up with the Jones'” cliche. The two venture about to try to find the perfect Halloween decoration, and resolve to make their own!

The more important journey in the episode is that of Korvo overcoming his fear, and Yumyulack learning to allow the mystical nature of Halloween to exist without compromising his Sci-Fi dynamic. Both of their journeys are individualized, and pretty much make up the A and B stories for the special.

The B Story in this episode feels very self-contained, disconnected from the rest, and could easily have stood up on its own if not for its Halloween theme.

Korvo’s journey appears to be the A story in the special, and while fun and unique, I have to give it up to Yumyulack and his journey through hell. He literally owns everyone who is trying to torture him. The B Story in this episode feels very self-contained, disconnected from the rest, and could easily have stood up on its own if not for its Halloween theme.

Acting 8/10

Justin Roiland still does a wonderful job as Korvo, pulling out all the stops as he manically rushes through the episode, but Sean Giambrone once again kills as Yumyulack as he portrays his sharp and amazing sarcasm to match his role of not being bothered by being in hell.

I also have to give props to John Kassir and his special appearance as the CryptKeeper. It’s one of my favorite parts of the episode and is done incredibly well by the animation team, John Kassir voices the character, and the overall story plays well in the world of Solar Opposites.

Overall 7.5/10

This isn’t exactly a special that will get you in the mood for Halloween or a special that definitely should be on your horror movie watch list. That being said, it’s definitely a fun little amusement dedicated to one of the best holidays on the planet! Definitely worth your time.

Conner’s Final Thoughts

The concept of death and returning from death is so weird in Solar Opposites. While in Rick and Morty death is more fatal with the exception of clone Rick’s vats, Solar Opposites deals and refers to death as only a minor setback.

To a small degree, its cavalier dealing with death can kind of take away from the stories, but definitely not enough to dwarf the fun that was caused by Yumyulack being able to flip-off Satan as he’s being resurrected.

You can watch the new special on Hulu right now!

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