Rochelle Visits The Immersive Delusion: Valley of the Hollows

Love immersive theatre? Love horror? Then you don’t want to miss this haunting experience, now in Pomona, CA!

Delusion: Valley of the Hollows is a continuation of last year’s tale, Reaper’s Remorse. If you participated last year you’ll recall Esther Phillips, the solemn mistress of the house who poisoned her guests, and whom soon after disappeared. This year’s tale takes place 20 years later in 1974, the decade of hippie love, good vibes and good times. Except now a new cult is born, the Hollows, which promises newcomers eternal life. Having been summoned by an ex-cult member to help her find her little brother, you are here as a Deprogrammer, to uncover the truth of what is going on and save her brother whom she fears has been enveloped in the new cult once more.

Groups of 10 travel together on this mission, and it’s important to listen to all of the clues the actors give you. You may not know it but you play an important part to the success and outcome of the story.

It’s evident in the writing that this story was inspired by actual American cults like Jonestown, Children of God, and the Manson Family. There’s even a drink called Jonestown which has Kool Aid as its main ingredient. The actors stayed in character and really upped the urgency of the matter and moved the story along from one location to the next. While there were some horror elements a bit more supernatural than expected, we did enjoy seeing that extra element of awe and surprise, which the production design and costuming were more than capable with the task. The music and sound design fit the theme perfectly. The production as a whole was truly remarkable and impressive. All in all, what an unforgettable and fun experience. It certainly raised our adrenaline and kept us on our toes!

If you’d like to go above and beyond the normal experience, which we highly recommend, opt for the VIP tickets, which includes a truly psychedelic experience on the second story floor of the mansion. Crawl through Hell’s Hollow, a personal journey that deprives you of your sense of sight. Sound and touch alone will get you through the dark. Enjoy several spirits of one kind or another while lounging in the Kool-Aid VIP Bar. Enjoy some horror classics from the era in the Theatre of Bad Omens. Be wowed by a magician who will talk to the spirits of the past and help you recall what happened 20 years prior, and will entertain you with some impressive parlour magic along the way!

Come early and eat some of their yummy food – particularly their hand-dipped ice cream bars! – drink some themed cocktails, or even grab a Liquid Death Water. Take home a souvenir at their small gift shop. Portable potties on-site and luckily very clean and maintained.

Check out Delusion on Thursdays through Sundays and on select Wednesdays in October until November 20th, 2022. Shows take place between 7:00 p.m. through 11:30 p.m. and are designed with people 12+, tickets cost $89.99 and can be purchased Here

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