Edifier Brings Hi-Res Audio With NeoBuds Pro!

When I think Edifier, I think high-quality audio devices, and to be honest the NeoBuds Pro does not disappoint! During CES and Pepcom this year, we connected once again with Edifier, and they agreed to send us their NeoBuds Pro for us to review.

These Hi-Res earbuds provide not only amazing high definition but incredible high fidelity. On top of a powerful driver, the Low-Latency High-Definition Audio Codec keeps the music traveling over Bluetooth from losing quality. From there the Advanced Audio Coding system prevents loss with highly intuitive decompression.

Using three microphones, one for your voice, one to remove outside noises, and one just for wind suppression, you know when you take a call on the NeoBuds crystal-clear.

One of the most impressive features though with this earbud is its high-end active noise-canceling. Thanks to its system users will be able to reduce the noise from their enjoyment up to 42dB!

All together gives the user great detail, amazing high-end treble, deep bass, and great balance!

The headphones, along with the charging case grant up to 24-hours of use, 6 hours one the earbud alone, and 18 hours for the case. If you use the Noise-Canceling, it reduces the time to 5 hours and 15 hours respectfully.

Pick up your own NeoBuds Pro from Edifier Here!

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