CES 2023 – Save Water With Acwa Robotics!

A lot of the time during CES we focus on the consumer side of the electronics and technology showcased. However, we wanted to talk a little bit about Acwa Robotics’ new autonomous device, the Clean Water Pathfinder. This device specifically is designed for mapping out plumbing pipes throughout a network and detecting any possible leaks or obstructions within the system. It is able to fully autonomously make its way through the system and then report back to the company.

This is really awesome technology, but you must be wondering how does this benefit us?

As a native born California I have gone my entire life through drought after drought with only minor pause between them, after El Nino and La Nina rainstorms. When I found out that we lose over 20% to 40% of our water supply thru leaks in pipes that have been ill maintained over the years it fills me with frustration and anger.

While it’s true water seeping to the ground doesn’t automatically get wasted, it reaches the aquifer and then slowly but surely returns to the ecosystem of water, when you live in California you realize that potable water isn’t always readily available. This last drought season, a whole town had to go without water for days or risk completely running out.

If this technology can do what it says it can do, and it can be used to properly repair maintain an ailing and aging plumbing system, then we can use it to stave off water waste and potentially push back the next drought, if only for a short time.

Additionally, I can only imagine with a few modifications this system could also be used to test the water supply in the system, check for pipes or areas that might be leaking chemicals into the system, like with Flint Michigan.

Water is a very important part of life, and while big businesses like to consider it only a commodity that the rich can trade upon, we need to do our best to maintain, secure, and protect it for society as a whole.

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