CES 2023 – Yo-Kai Express Brings Quality To Fast Vended Food!

At CES we got the chance to check out the Yo-Kai Express. This super-compact super-cool food preparing vending machine brings a lot of flavor to a market that is normally oversalted and overpriced.

These gourmet vending machines are devices that you normally wouldn’t see in the America and more likely devices you would see over in Japan. However, as their popularity rises, the options are starting to find their way overseas to us here in the States.

In most places throughout Los Angeles, the Yo-Kai Express systems are in private businesses. However, if you are flying out of Ontario airport in the near future you can find a Yo-Kai Express machine to try for yourself.

The machine holds about 50 portions and on average 10 different dishes. They produce a myriad of pho bowls, rice dishes, or ramen options.

The machine self-sanitizes before every single dish and can prepare, cook, and produce the food in as little as 90 seconds.

We got a chance to taste a couple of the dishes at CES and they were flavourful and not what you would expect from an instant-made machine.

If you’re looking to fly out of Ontario make sure to stop by the Yo-Kai express and more locations as they open up around the country.

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