CES 2023 – See What’s New From Targus!

At CES we got to check out a lot of cool things, but we always love to stop by Targus during Unveiled. They produce some pretty amazing tech, so getting to see what they are working on for the workplace is a lot of fun.

Their new Eco/Smart DefenseGuard Keyboards and mice are definitely something to check out. The DefenseGuard system not only prevents anti-microbial formation on the products, but their latest tech is even made from recycled plastics. Something not enough people are doing in the world.

Want to take it even a stop further? Their new Energy Harvesting keyboard specifically uses solar panels to collect sunlight, and also artificial light. That way it will slowly charge up throughout the day and require less charging, and less likely to increase battery waste.

So are you picking up the latest from Targus?

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