CES 2023 – Reimagine Projector TVs With AWOL VISION Laser Projectors

When it comes to entertainment and TVs, I know a lot of people would like to stick with a traditional monitor, but as they get larger, the price for television sets become more and more expensive.

If you’re looking for something in larger sizes, projectors have always been a great way to obtain that size, but the field has been marred with complaints and controversy regarding quality of resolution, colors, and ease of understanding of the technology from a layman’s point of view.

That’s why when we saw AWOL VISIONS beautiful 4k tri-laser projector we were shocked.

Their technology not only allows the screen to be only 6″ away from the wall, but the tri-laser system does not require a color wheel and allows the projector to be able to produce billions of vibrant colors. The laser light system also allows the projector to produce a vibrant and crisp 4K image, even at it’s short throw range.

Thanks to work by AWOL VISION laser projectors you no longer have to worry about mounting your projector on the ceiling or the backwall as you deal with cables, or making sure you get the best quality picture in a very dark room.

If you want to pick up an AWOL VISION projector, you can pick up the LTV-2500 model Here and the LTV-3500 model Here. The difference between the two models is the lumens. The rating of lumens is in the title.

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