CES 2023 – Track Your Cats Delicate Moments With Cat Log Board

There are many ways to tell if your pet is healthy. The first of course is with activity trackers that monitor how active they are, moments of rest, and generally see if there’s any downslope or increase over time in their behaviors.

Another way to monitor your pet’s health specifically is with the use of food intake and outtake. If your pet is eating less and less food and outputting less and less food every day, it is a good way to know if there’s something wrong with your cat’s stomach or that there are even more larger problems developing.

While at CES and Pepcom we actually ran into Catlog, A foreign company that specializes in activity trackers, and their brand new technology the Catlog board.

The board reminds me slightly of the old school Wii Fit board, and it’s designed to work hand and hand with a cat box.

The cat box will measure the weight prior to your cat’s entrance. Then it will use the weight of the animal and additional information to determine which animal is using the catbox. The box then measures after the cat leaves the box to specifically track what was left by the animal.

Then the Catlog board will take that data, put it into its system and give you back information that you can use to monitor the health of your pet.

We know your cat’s bodily functions are not something you probably want to talk about regularly outside of private company, but it’s important to know these things especially when dealing with ailing or older cats to make sure they remain healthy.

While Catlog is not currently in the USA there’s a possibility that might make their way here down the road, and till then you watch their progress Here.

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